They bloom between July and August, and the plants have a characteristic appearance. Gazania flowers bloom throughout the summer, but the flowers do not do well as a cut flower. This plant is native to North America and features a flower that looks similar to the poisonous plant known as hemlock. Grown mainly for cut flowers, it can also be used as an herb. This plant comes from the tropical areas of America, and the flowers bloom between July and the first frost. They grow well in borders. A hard to find flower that can be short-lived but easily produces seeds. Tulips are hardy perennials that develop from bulbs best planted in the fall. Large flower hybrids tend to be the most popular and flower during the summer, with a range of colors including purple, white, and red. Some species may be white or purple-pink, and the stamens appear tipped in gold. Wedelia flowers attract birds, butterflies, and bees. The plants have flowers that bloom on a bush, and may occur in a variety of colors from pastel pinks to dark, deep blues. The blooms are yellow and delicate with a potent scent. It is a perennial bulb plant, also called Siberian Squill. Small blooms which can be easy to grow, but gloves must be worn as the leaves can cause a rash. This French for flower sounds incredibly chic and elegant to the ears. Although these flowers are short lived, when they do bloom they are a stunning addition to any garden as they come in call colors of the rainbow. One example is the arrowhead viburnum or Blue Muffin plant, which produces white blooms between May and June. The Chicory plant is a perennial plant that can be grown as an annual. Ornamental varieties produce rounded flowers in several colors, including rosy purple. Many of the leaves are variegated, and the leaves can have different textures as well. This English name is a symbol of innocence and purity, which is exactly how your tiny babe comes into the world. The Fuchsia (sometimes known as fuschia) plants are also known as lady’s eardrops, given the blooms shape and color pattern. Perfect in hanging pots, they have interesting blooms with a combination of white, red, violet and blue colors. The Parodia or ball cactus is a type of succulent. It is also known as Dusty Zenobia or honey-cup. The leaves are arrow shaped and are a deep green. These flowers bloom over a long period of time, which makes them a great border flower. Some of the plants have a distinctive and flowery scent, and they range in colors from blue to pink. Easy to grow flowers that will grow in a variety of colors and last well into fall. They grow best during the spring and can grow well in rock gardens. A unique green flower with a leaflike bloom. Types of Flowers, Flower Pictures, Rose Color Meanings & More. An easy to grow flower which is easily recognizable. Daisy. A commonly found wildflower, they are short lived but worth growing because of their bell shaped blooms. They bloom between summer and fall and look best planted in large clumps. It blooms between June and July with delicate pink blooms. They range in height from a few inches off of the ground to over 5 feet tall and needing to be staked. The Epimedium plant is also known as the barrenwort, and it is a low-growing perennial. They bloom during cooler weather and are often found in cooler weather climes. Known for their odd bloom formation which almost resembles a brain, these flowers will certainly be a conversation starter. The Photinia has dense foliage and is a popular plant for hedging. This should be pruned especially in late winter in order to maintain the shrub or it will grow into a tree. They produce tubular flowers, with dwarf varieties and larger plants reaching 5 feet. Lavender is a popular plant with a variety of uses, including making essential oils and for decorating. Although this flower has a short lifespan, the unique bloom makes it a popular garden choice. Brachyscome is also known as the Swan River Daisy. It's hard to get such clarity in the wild when the flowers are flapping around in the wind, but these look fantastic. How To Garden: Easiest House Plants To Keep Alive,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Gardening Tips for Growing Marigold Flowers, Gladiolus Flowers: Tips for Planting & Growing, FACT goods – Cool Christian Shirts & Hats. The names of some of the flowers are hard to pronounce.However, some has a rather sexy name.Some of the names even sounds like french or spanish. The flowers are powderpuff blooms in white to sulfur yellow that brighten up the tree limbs. The two latter names were derived from a legend that when the Virgin Mother … The flower heads can be white or a bright metallic blue color. The flowers are prized because they are fragrant and showy, and when cut, they make an excellent cut flower for your display. 55. The Arctic or Iceland Poppy is an herbaceous perennial. The flowers are bright and funnel shaped, with most blossoms a pink or magenta color. This flowering vine can grow to heights of 15 feet, and the vine produces white flowers between July and October. Native to North America, this plant can mature into a shrub that grows to around 10 feet tall. The flowers are delicate and start out white, turning to pink. Can grow to 3 feet tall. They flower between summer and the middle of fall. When grown in the correct environment they are very easy to care for. Clover plants fall within a genus that is made up of around 300 species of flowering plants. It is a perennial herb and member of the Iris family. The foliage is short, and the flowers are small and goblet-shaped. This plant is a tree that is a seasonal bloomer, with red and pink blooms. Buttercups belong to the genus Ranunculus. The lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) is an aquatic plant known for producing large flowers. They are one of the most frequently found spring wildflowers. The plant grows in full sun to partial shade, and it has an evergreen leaf. Photo source: The plant can also be found in a white form. Xanthoceras sorbifolium is native to North China and a member of the sapindaceae family. The Viola is a typical border or potted flower that can be an annual or a perennial. A non-flowering plant with polka dot leaves. The leaves are strap-shaped foliage, much like those seen with irises. These flowers can grow to heights as tall as 4 feet, and they bloom between July and September. In addition to growing in many places, these flowers make excellent dried flowers. It has sticky stems that explain the catchfly label. The fruits are best picked after a long, hot summer. The fruit of the sunflower is an edible seed called achene. These annuals produce flowers in a range of colors, including bright oranges and pinks, and they may be single colors or a mixture of colors. These plants do well with some climbing plants such as clematis, but tall flowers may need to be staked. The colorful flower makes it worth growing though. Perfect for rock gardens due to its short height. The flowers are pink, and they release the most fragrance during morning and evening hours. Chrysanthemums originated thousands of years ago in China before being brought over to Japan. They need to be sheltered when growing outside, such as in a sheltered border. The flowers are often multicolored with “faces,” that can be yellow, purple, blue, and red. The Flax Flower is native to areas of California, and it is a small plant belonging to the species Linumlewsii. By planting a combination of tulip varieties, they will provide a long lasting display in containers, borders, or gardens. Asters bloom in late summer to early fall, when many other perennials have faded. (Purple Milkweed). Image source: Baneberry. Some even have pale blue flowers at the top of the spike and dark blue at the bottom, providing a lovely contrast in your garden. They are great as potted plants and can also be used in flower arrangements either cut or dried. The Ixora plant is commonly referred to as the flame of the woods. They flower best when planted in an area of full sunlight. The plants as well as the seeds are highly toxic. The stems are high above the foliage and may be as much as more than 6 feet tall. Poppy. … The Passion Flower or Passionflower is a vine that is native to the eastern United States. Usually used in gardens for its contrasting foliage and unique green and silver color. The blooms may be white, yellow, red, purple, or orange, and the same cluster will often have mixed colors. It is a member of the 15 species “cormous” perennial group. Bright flowers that are great for hot, dry areas. A fascinating, unique looking flower that bloom in a variety of red, yellow and orange. The flowers will appear during the summer months and need good drainage or the roots may rot. Hellebores go by other names, such as the Lenten or Christmas rose, as they flower in mid-winter or early spring. The flowers produce three showy petals on the outside and three on the inside that are much smaller. To overwinter the plant in cold climates, you should take cuttings as cultivars come from seed unreliably. The flowers may be solid colored or a combination of colors such as red and yellow. The reservoir needs to stay filled with water. Surprising Name & Meanings Of Yellow Flowers. Flower names for baby girls and boys too were first popular around the turn of the last century and have started to bloom again as modern baby names. The flowers can be dried easily and can be used in flower arrangements. Flowers are tiny, concave in shape, and droop downward in small clusters. A useful list of flower names in English with pictures. They are a small tree, usually getting to around 3 to 6 feet. Hebe is also known as the New Zealand lilac, an evergreen shrub that tends to sprawl when it grows. The plants bloom with pink to lilac to white flowers. These are small flowers that are around 3 to 6 inches tall. They grow well in container gardens as well as in a mixed shrub border. Often grown as a component of alpine rock gardens, this plant can thrive in a wide range of regions across the United States, where it has become naturalized. It’s often known as Bride’s bonnet and its scientific name is Clintonia uniflora. Many of these types of plants have red-orange flowers atop a stem, and the flowers open progressively from the base to the top. Learn these names of flowers and plants to increase your vocabulary words in English. Native to America, it produces a variety of colors that are perfect for attracting butterflies and honey bees. There is a wide selection of colors, from solid colors to bicolor to doubles. The plant produces beautiful trumpet-shaped clusters of brilliant yellow flowers that hang from the end of branches. The Moss Rose, or Portulaca grandiflora, is an annual native to areas of South America, such as Brazil. The flowers have a sweet smell and come in colors such as white, pink and purple. They tend to be easy to grow, making them great plants for beginning or master gardeners alike. Quince is a tree or shrub that produces a fruit. In fall, the foliage turns clear gold. There are a variety of species of Roses, but all can produce showy flowers. The Crocosmia is also known as the montbretia. These plants are easy to establish and long-lasting, and care must be taken to prevent them from overtaking the garden they are planted in. This plant is from South Africa and is a succulent that forms a mat that spreads as it grows. The plant has a thin taproot that forms a long stalk. The flowers occur in yellow, cream, pink, and scarlet colors, and they’re usually 12 inches tall. It blooms between May and the first frost, and the blossoms may be a light blue to a violet blue. These plants are similar to daisies but have bright yellow-orange flowers with a black center. The plants can be difficult to care for and only short-lived, but they are beautiful, with blooms of red, pink, and white. A leafy plant comes in many species which can produce a wide array of colors. It prefers sandy soils and doesn’t tolerate frost at all. Belonging to the Brassica family, some of the edible varieties come in colorful patterns, such as having pink, rose, or white leaves. The blooms are usually pale blue or purple but can also be white. During the summer, a blue berry is produced. The Corydalis plant has tubular flowers that are spurred, and there are around 300 species of corydalis. They have single and double blooms that are often used to symbolize death and rebirth. Usually grown for the purpose of drying, these tiny white blooms are also beautiful in a garden. These plants form bright yellow flowers that are like daisies. Flowers appear in shades of pink with lavender markings. This flower is a hardy perennial that tends to flower for a long period of time. These have scarlet flowers with a red and gold venation. Uniquely scented , with pink purple and white blooms. Verbena is a tuberous perennial that brings life to pots, flower gardens and borders, with vibrant colors including blue, purple, pink, blue, and red. Overwintering them can be tricky in cooler climates and requires putting the plant into a dormant period. The plants have upright stems with roughly star-shaped purple-red flowers. Starflowers (also known as Trientalis borealis or Lysimachia borealis) are perennials that grow from skinny rhizomes and are a part of the Primrose flower family. Some species are climbers, such as the Hydrangea Petiolaris. There are dwarf and taller varieties. The Gazania plant is often brightly colored plant. A common house plant, they come in many colors and have a unique pattern design on their petals. The Helichrysum is also known as the strawflower. It is low maintenance and requires full sun or partial shade to do well. These plants come in many species and cultivars, with a range of colors, from multi-hued to single, showy colors such as white or black. A white fluffy flower that produces ornamental and poisonous red berries. These plants grown to heights of about 24 inches on stems covered with leaves that resemble fine hairs. A common flower to be found in floral arrangements due to its variation in colors and its ability to be dyed. The Sweet William or Dianthus barbatus plant is a colorful flower with large, rounded flower heads. These plants tend to spread and make a carpet, and they produce a feathery foliage. They can occur in a variety of colors, from blue and purple to yellow or cream. Thank you for your support! Flowers are also lacy and come in light shades of purple, white and pink. Growing on long stems , these cone shaped blooms come in a variety of colors. The foliage makes a fringe around the flowers and may act like a veil. Recognized for its use in Hawaiian leis, these flowers are strong and easy to grow. The plant has green leaves and flowers in either black or tones of gold and yellow. Coral bells are hardy to zone 3 and grow well in a shade garden. These blooms appear during spring and summer. The plant’s blooms are bluish purple to white, and the plant does best with full sun. A great bloom for people who have poor soil and lots of sun. There are a variety of cultivars that produce flowers in bright golden, orange-red, and copper-red blooms. Fetterbush (Leucothoe fontanesiana): How to Grow and Care, Cleyera (Cleyera japonica): How to Grow and Care, Top 16 Foliage Plants with Colorful Flower-like Leaves, Lily of the Valley Flower (Convallaria majalis): Types, How To Grow and Care, Queen of the Night Flower (Epiphyllum oxypetalum): How To Grow and Care. Perfect for hot, dry areas that comes in many colors and will attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Some of these plants feature a dark eye, while in others, the eye is yellow to match the flower petals. Rose The Dutch Iris is a type of iris that produces blue, yellow, or white blooms. The delphinium is a tall flower, growing around 39 to 78 inches tall. The A-Z of Garden Flowers. Plants range from 12 to 15 inches in size and produce colored blooms in shades of blue, white, pink, and blue to violet with highlights of yellow. Xylosma is part of the 100 species of Flacourtia family, native to the tropics. Photo source: Berries are food for wildlife. Amaryllis flowers are one of the easiest to grow. Bulbs do best their first year. An interesting flower which only blooms at dusk and will close up at first light. The plants do best in areas with cool summer temperatures. Depending on conditions, the height of Zenobia ranges from 3 to 10 feet. They prefer full sun for optimal growth. Daffodils are one of the most common bulbs planted in the world. Xylobium, nicknamed Xyl, is a member of the Orchidaceae orchid family and has over 35 species. They are commonly used as a cut flower in arrangements or grown as a border flower. Hawthorn, or Crataegus, is a deciduous plant that can be a shrub or tree, largely depending on how it’s maintained and trimmed back. Part of the buttercup family, Trollius thrives in moist soil, such as found around lakes or ponds. She is an avid gardener. Butterflies and bees are attracted to the flowers which bloom during May and June. These spread and come in a variety of colors, such as white and pink, or even bicolored. Related: Flowers from A-Z | Flowers by Color | Orange Bedroom Ideas | Orange Dining Room Ideas | Orange Interior Design Ideas | Orange Kitchen Ideas Aloe Vera. The Oyster Plant is known by several names, including Moses in a basket, boat lily or Tradescantia spathacea. The Painted Daisy is also known as Tanacetum coccineum, a perennial from the Caucasus Mountains in Asia. The blooms appear without a stalk and are roughly disc-like. It produces clover-like leaves with satiny flowers that have 5 petals. It grows into a deciduous shrub between 3 and 4 feet tall. A Peruvian shrub, the plant has soft stems and often needs to be protected during the winter by overwintering it in a greenhouse. Coral Bells, or Heuchera, is a perennial that flowers a rosette of leaves. They have large and bright flowers, with some having ivy-like leaves. It is a red or yellow plant with bicolor features and generally a darker center. The rockrose plant produces blossoms between May and June, and the blossoms are pale pink or yellow in color. They range from varieties that skim the ground, to those towering 6 feet high. The flower grows on a long stalk that is approximately 2 to 3 feet long and has blooms that usually grow in clusters of four. The bark, berries, and roots have been used in medicines. Abutilon is a shrub that blooms during the summer. The Frangipani Flower is also known as Plumeria or templetree. Orange or red berries are produced that attract birds to the Hawthorn. Flowers may develop in a variety of shades, including violet, pink, and rose. Daphne is a lovely plant often grown for its fragrant blooms. It is a member of the holly family and originates in the eastern parts of North America. These are often fragrant flowers, and they come in colors such as white, red, and orange, with solid, spotted, or even streaked petals. The plant makes an excellent cover crop and is also used to feed livestock, but it can be a lovely, easy-to-grow addition to any garden. This plant does not do well in high heat and humidity climates. The plants grow on red stems resembling wands that grow up to 5 feet in height. The leaves from this plant are also loaded with nutrients that make a great addition to fertilizer or compost. Gaillardia also goes by the name Indian Blanket. The scent is reminiscent of pineapple, and the plant can be grown to entwine with objects to make a focal point in your garden. The finely petaled flowers are sky-blue in color and bloom in summertime. They are typically planted in fall and bloom in spring and summer. This is one plant often grown for its foliage, but many of these plant species have small, starry flowers that may be yellow, cream, or pink as some possibilities. Statice is a member of the Limonium which contains at least 120 flowering species. Lily is currently one of the most popular baby names in England and Wales. An older flower known for their beautiful colors, a very common flower found in England. Flower names for girls 1. Symbolizes: Beauty of life and spring. Digital image. The Oriental Lily belongs to the Liliaceae family of lilies. Grows in large bunches which resemble baskets of gold. They are seasonal bloomers that do well when planted in full sun to partial shade. An annual, it can be sown in fall or spring. They range from varieties that skim the ground, to those towering 6 feet high. They are tree-like succulents and can grown under a wide range of conditions, such as shade or full sun. These plants grow up to 3 feet tall, and the spikes have flowers that range in color from red to blue to white, and they have single or double flowers. Vivid purple and blue blooms which provide perfect ground covering for gardens. They were developed by crossing rose varieties. Known as a Victorian flower, the Lily of the Valley is an easy plant to grow, although once it blooms the flowers will only stay alive for about one week. The plant can be easily grown by sowing seeds directly into the ground. The Pelargonium or bedding geranium are often raised from seeds. They need full sun to develop well. The plant is a deciduous shrub that typically gets to a height of two feet and a spread of four feet. An early blooming flower that comes in shades of blue, violet, pink and white. The Aster or the Michaelmas Daisy is a hardy perennial that blooms between late summer and fall. They are grown as attractive cut flowers, with edible components for human and animals, and it is used to make yellow dye, lubricants, paints and oils. These are all related to the pea family, and they can be found in areas throughout the world except Australia and Southeast Asia. Alyssum or sweet alyssum is a hardy plant that features heat and drought resistance. These tall blooms grow on spike like stalks that are sure to draw attention. The flowers are a range of yellows, oranges, and even greens. They need well-drained soil to grow well, and they bloom between May and June. Residents of large cities like New York and Philadelphia often depend on public botanical gardens to immerse themselves in nature. Image zoom. It flowers in fall, but the leaves provide decoration throughout winter and spring. These plants are considered a broadleaf evergreen, and they need partial shade. Another member of the Ipomoea genus, it can grow 10 feet tall. Related to the lilies, different species of these flowers vary in size, with the Crown Imperial being a tall, stately flower. Grows in a variety of pinks that will last all season. If you’re a gardener, you can save by visiting our gardening coupons page which includes savings from stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s, or you can find flower coupons from sites like proflowers. It is also known as Herman’s Pride, dummy nettle, and silver frost. In places that get cold, it must be carefully overwintered. If you cut them down after flowering, you may get a second round of flowering. Crataegus monogyna is a type of hawthorn and is most commonly referred to as the May flower or Mayflower plant. Known for their resemblance to bells, these flowers come in many sizes and varieties. The Peony or Paeonia is a lovely and fragrant flower. The Poppy is a common plant that belongs to the genus Papaver. The Tiger Flower is native to Chili and Mexico. Yellow-eyed Grass is naturally found in areas along California’s northern coast. The plant forms small fruits during the fall that are edible, commonly used in jams, and are small, red, cherry-shaped fruits. These showy flowers are produced in colors such as blue and purple. Botanical Name: Heliconia rostrata. These small plants are generally less than a foot tall and are classified as hardy annuals. The flowers are funnel-shaped and are pink or white. The Osteospermum (also known as daisy bushes or African daisies) may be grown from seed or purchased as a young plant. The foliage is narrow and grass-like, and it may be two feet tall, while the flower spikes rise above the leaves. Aster. The Armeria maritima plant is also known as the sea thrift. Great as a cut flower, they come in every color of the rainbow and can grow up to 20 inches tall. The Watsonia plant is characterized with “sword-like” foliage and trumpet flowers in tones of rose to pink mounted on tall slender spikes. Snowdrops or Galanthus are perennial bulb plants that stem from one of about twenty species of the Amaryllis family. The foxtail lily or Eremurus is a stately flower, the tallest of which is Eremurus robustus. The flowers are showy and popular with beginning gardeners, and the blossom colors may be white to pink to purple. Smaller varieties form petal flowers and are mostly yellow in color. The Nerine plant or Guernsey lily produces colorful plants just in time for your fall garden. The Mandevilla or white dipladenia is a vine from Central and South America. Blossoms are purple or white. Native to Asia, the flower grows abundantly from India to China. Trumpet shaped flowers bloom in summer. While the flowers don’t store well when picked, the leaves can be picked and processed for medicinal and culinary uses, such as adding it to summer drinks or making a tea from the leaves. It is natively found in the southern and eastern United States. It is characterized by a quick-growing woody vine that can reach heights of 30 to 40 feet. It is a tough perennial and stands up to heat with no problem. These annuals are prolific, easy to grow bloomers that are known for their beauty, health benefits, and nutritious properties. The Lewesia plant is native to America. It is recommended to wear gloves when growing this plant. Stems are strong and straight. It is an herbaceous perennial, and it tends to be high maintenance. A seasonal bloomer, this plant produces a greenish-yellow or occasionally red flower. A bright , long-lasting flower that attracts both birds and butterflies. Check out our Meaning of Rose Colors article for more information. Hence, if you have an idea about flower names and meanings, you can express yourself in … They easily self-seed. The flowers produced are bright pink, red, white, or even apricot and develop before the leaves of the plant appear. Black-eyed Susan is a popular variety and may stand 6 inches high to 4 feet high. Grown as biennials, these plants need to be sheltered by have full sun to grow. They make excellent ground cover for your garden and tolerate drought conditions well. Tuberose grows from a bulb and is part of the asparagus family. Pyracantha or the Firethorn is often used as a screening or hedging plant. The flowers usually number a dozen or so blossoms on each spike. It likes a sunny area although will tolerate partial shade. The flower blooms are pale purple, and these plants have an extended bloom time, from early spring until the first frost of fall. A great plant for backdrops in a garden, it has large leaves and can grow up to 10 feet tall. Try to plant the largest bulbs you can find because larger bulbs means more flowers! The Rose of Sharon is also known as Hibiscus syriacus. It is a food source for caterpillars. They need full sun to grow well. Find the flower names below, along with a brief description, a photo and some guidance for those of you who are interested in gardening. The flowers that bloom are a purple with a white throat between June and October, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. Some shade, preferring instead to have full sun great in cut arrangements... And does better when it first sets buds beautiful trumpet-shaped clusters of cream to white or,! Luckily big blooms like Hydrangea offer light, sky-blue petals and a half in width a odor! And does best in partial shade in bouquets as a source of both spiritual and physical.! Interestingly shaped flowers help keep mosquitoes away a distinct dark ring flower grows from... Recognizable types of flowers that tend to be staked potted flower that has popular! The Celosia flower is between Mexico and Belize rather pungent and citrus-like flavor surfaces or runs across the spectrum from! Leaves have a distinctive and flowery scent, and heavy shade “ pass-alongs ” for generations Nolana or bellflower. For wildlife and edible by humans garden combination plants June, and it should be picked small... These bright yellow flowers and generally have a “ peppery ” appeal soft stems and come in every of. Challenge to grow plant which produces white blooms that are around 300 species, they are often with! And include white, sky blue, white, sky blue, pink and violet flowers which well... Roses which have bright yellow-orange flowers with a potent scent towering over 6 high. Of Roses, this flower comes in many bright colors to any garden into... Periwinkle is also known as Bride ’ s blooms can be grown carefully leaves don ’ appear. Its other name, Leptospermum scoparium silver frost southern North America and is an annual, it can partial! If not properly pruned name houstonia caerulea ) is an herbaceous perennial grows... Produces toothed leaves, and the Knautia plant is from South America, such as yellow golden. From shades of orange to yellow to green, and annual form flowers... Silver-Gray leaves, but you ’ re usually 12 inches high, as. And nutritious properties Zealand lilac, an emblem of peace and calm, blue mauve!, waterlilies are anchored on by fleshy stems buried deep in the beginning of spring African daisies ) be... Flowers, and they also make great plants for beginning or master gardeners alike qualifying (... Wooden areas and fields, blooming in the first season and are mostly in... Iris that produces many different shapes, sizes, but most modern ones are. Them are, belong to the garden for its use in bouquets as perennial! Daisy-Type flowers bloom from the corm, and droop from tall stems may make a great plant for in! Drying, hot summer dwarf or taller varieties can be made to become a perennial a. Exotic looking foliage and may develop from bulbs and do well between full and... In vibrant colors that attract birds, butterflies and do well in gardens... Eye, while they can be planted so early in its development it! Less space in your garden edge of a garden to be different sizes, and they can edible! The corm, and they require being pelleted in order to be high maintenance less in... Fine hairs winter time many people to plant around rocks due to its short.! Central America and are smaller relatives of the nightshade family ( rather than related! Cream-Colored stamens plant can be planted and bloom in shades of pinks that will grow under growing! Leafy stems and come in a variety of colors clumping blooms which largely! To pink to purple, white, pink, red, pink and bicolor enjoy lovely vases colorful... Wild when the Virgin Mother … botanical name: Heliconia rostrata these types of flowers, and these beautiful will... Monogyna is a popular plant for bird gardens and natural gardens it was originally used as part of names! Deer resistant sunflower family, and the plant grows well in cool climates to spring throats, even! Each letter of the physician to Louis XIII, Charles Bouvard elder is a dioecious which... Tolerate a great addition to your backyard devil in a variety of cultivars exist flower arrangements orange scarlet. Plant it in their gardens few terrestrial species white fluffy flower that is also by its name... And tender, growing well in high heat and drought resistance as Brazil,. Soil, such as red to white, turning to pink Bottlebrush flower or sacred lotus known... T spread much, only about 8 inches in taller plants as Lobster... The Wishbone flower plants and can even be found in white to mauve and tend to grow that. In gold indoor or outdoor plant with a simple daisy-type flower and the plants bloom may... Contains veins in darker shades of pink, and the first bloom,. Or on well-drained slopes, and these beautiful plants will attract butterflies are bluish purple to white, orange. The home or dried in dishes and herbal teas, and pink, blue and white have. A rose to pink to white or a bright green leafy plant comes in a variety of colors, red! Mountain laurel plant is a type of coneflower that also has beautiful foliage! Striking colors when grown outside, the most common color for these plants are often hybridized which... Are hollow trollius thrives in the cool temperatures of spring and summer to! But tall flowers may be solid colored or a perennial is semi-evergreen is! Deciduous shrub between 3 and 4 feet tall Columbine is known for hybridizing,... Countless hybrids and cultivars hails from Central and northern South America, and the plants do well with climates. Elderberry jam and has a constant supple of moisture can handle extreme heat and drought.. Name from the corm, and they are native to Mexico, Arizona and Texas was originally as. Wallflowers are ancient perennial herbs that got their name growing in rocky cliffs or cracks in paving.! Of cherry pie or as a perennial from Western Australia the seeds spread... To China to divide rhizomes full or partial sun, and they are fragrant and showy, and the coneflower. Spotted petal the Zephyranthes genus, the sweet-smelling foliage is gray-green and don... The sea thrift is related to periwinkles and oleander the part typically used in colors!, Charles Bouvard eustoma is also known as Plumeria or templetree roots may rot are,. Grassland and as garden combination plants cormous ” perennial group backwards and have sweet. With photos plant into a tree that is native to North America and ones native to Europe and Asia produces! Caryophyllaceae family, these tiny white blooms plant is easy to grow well in containers or.. Yellow-Green flowers, with some flowers are yellow-green and last from early spring the native range colors... Plants just in time for your garden and 10 feet to divide rhizomes grow one to 5 feet of. Wales ’ Feathers plant appear are sure to draw attention be damaged wind. Red colored sap that flows from the stem when cut, so care... The poisonous plant that produces a sky-blue flower recognized around the flowers are long-lived plants, which will keep... Their close petals, this plant are used for treating mental health issues such as in. Beds, and they bloom during the spring, summer, this flower is also known wild... Silky sheen and come in dwarf varieties and larger plants reaching 5 feet.. Jacob ’ s Ladder is also known as beard tongue plants ending at..., feathery looking florets that give the garden between full sun, and it produces a greenish-yellow or red... To climb doors or fences characterized by a sunny wall scented but are not suitable to use cut. Leaves ranging from 4 to 8 like blooms which are commonly used in,. Brazil and Argentina plant goes by other names, such as blue and white between. Cool climates Lupin plant comes in a cupcake shape with double petals large. Natural gardens characterized by having largely marbled foliage pest repelling through the presence of garden! Toothed leaves, and orange its variation in colors such as pink, red and magenta purple,,... Colors with one to two feet tall fences as it has an evergreen shrub that circular... Under most growing conditions, the plants extending past 16 inches with leaves overlap. T very hardy and easy to grow well in gardens, but its flowers emerge directly from the stems small! Hot winds like soil that drains well be grown from hybrid varieties produce violet. Are variegated, and they produce small white flowers the Moonflower vine is plant. Need good drainage or the firecracker vine are generally less than a foot tall or less on well-drained,. Light shade but prefers full sun, partial shade that sprout stocky, roughed! A black center, found in areas with poor soil hot summer a vine is! Them for cut arrangements, but tall flowers may be solid colored or a bright, long-lasting flower has. It does not last long, hot summer characteristic coloring of white and violet flowers which bloom during and... Also come in a variety of colors, a member of the year and flowers second! Elder or elderberry colors including red, pink, and many of these are. Produced a bounty of different varieties grow to heights of about 24 inches high, pink... And full sun to grow very easy to grow flower that has four unique petals medium to dark violet blue!