Homegrown Crimson Crisp Apples Peck. Jonagold: Cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious. Crimson Crisp was a newcomer to retail shelves in 2013-14 season. Too tart to be good eating but should pair well with peanut butter or caramel. Spreading, well-branched trees are immune to scab and moderately resistant to leaf rust. APPLE- CRIMSON CRISP $ 21.99 / PECK. Shape is slightly oblate (flattened at the poles) to round. Sept-Nov: Pies Desserts Sauce: Stayman Winesap: Most popular apple at Terhune Orchards, tart, full rich flavor, excellent keeper. You won’t find more attractive fruit than those from Crimson Crisp apple trees. Mid Sept: Sept-Oct: Pies Desserts Sauce: Crimson Topaz: Creamy white flesh with a firm, crisp texture. ... We carefully choose the growing areas and partners for our wonderful apple. My tree of this variety sadly only produced one apple this year, but what an apple it was! We do not accept any liability for loss or damage incurred as a result of any errors in the content of this website. Beats Honey Crisp hands down. Brilliant red color. I won't be buying these but if your pallet is less on the sweet side and more to the tart/tannic then you may want to try it though I still prefer the Jazz apple in that category. The skin is bright, medium to dark red blush over yellow ground color, very attractive. This variety was discovered in 1971 in Cream Ridge, New Jersey. Excellent for espalier because of long holding , clear red and NO Scab. We returned to NY earlier this month and I was able to buy more. ©2019 Orange Pippin Ltd. All rights reserved. Crimson Crisp: Extremely crunchy tart apple. crisp fl esh. You’ll find it tart with a rich flavor. I tasted one yesterday and found it to be sweet and crisp. CrimsonCrisp, as its name implies, is a firm, deep red-purple, and crunchy apple. This apple is a beautiful deep red and had a complex tart and sweet flavor. It is one of the last apples to be developed by the American breeder Albert Etter in 1944, who named it 'Little Rosybloom'. Pollination of Crimson Crisp apple trees Your Crimson Crisp apple tree is in flowering group 3. Add to Cart. Parentage: Crandal, Edgewood, Golden Delicious, Rome, Jonathan, Melba, and others. It is a small apple. Just yesterday, after sharing Crimson Crisp with a friend (who loved it as well), I said it's like spiced cider in solid apple form. I live in Michigan and have recently learned a few orchards near me are starting to grow this variety, so I am hoping I'll start seeing them offered locally in the next couple years. The first seedling of CrimsonCrisp was then developed from a cross of two other seedlings in 1971 at the Rutgers Fruit Research and Development Center in Cream Ridge, New Jersey. Email Address * Enter Email Confirm Email. The harvest is … Apple Crimson Crisp ™ -cv. Seasons/Availability Crimson Gold apples are available during fall and winter months. Oct 21, 2017 - Hundreds of apples, plus notes and comment on the harvest and more. Add to cart. Crunchy, juicy, flavor is complex sweet plus tart with somewhat metallic aftertaste. Beautifully round and a perfect size for munching, these apples are sure to please apple lovers. Great in pie but on the small side (more peeling and coring work). Crimson Snow® Crunchy, fresh, exotic - simply extraordinary! This gorgeous, rouge colored apple is known to be immune to scab and moderately resistant to leaf rust – the farmers are smiling right now. - Some susceptibility. A newer apple, the Crimson Crisp is a recent addition to our Orchard Market line up. I found it diamond hard and tart as a sour pucker. The apples can be kept for several months in a refrigerator or cold garage, retaining good eating quality although the flavor will fade somewhat. 'Tis apple season! Tell us what you think! (13% Brix) Crimson Crisp is a hard apple ideal for trade. Sweet tart taste. Phone * Enquiry * All fields are required. The color was very red. Dwarf Apple Crimson Crisp ™ -cv. It has a firm, almost hard flesh and a complex spicy flavour that is sure to please tart apple lovers. Excellent for eating and baking. I fell in love with this apple, and it's my new favorite! Crimson Crisp's flavors are simple and refreshing: cane sugar and distant hints of melon, orange, and spice. The tree is very grower friendly with a spreading habit, fruiting throughout the two- … ‘Co-op 39’ is part of the Easy Care apple range. It should be remembered that too late harvest causes that the fruit is greasy to the touch and it has too intense colour. Deep crimson skin covers sweet, crisp… The Crimson Crisp apple tree has its origins in 1971 as a scab resistant apple. Did you notice (in short description, above) that CrimsonCrisp is related to Jonathan ? This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. These excellent apples keep for 4-6 months in proper storage.