The best way to treat leaf spot disease is to cut the infected leaves. General Syngonium Care Tips: Light: While they prefer bright, indirect light, most will also do well in low to medium light. The Pink Arrowhead Vine will bring some joy with its gorgeous salmon-colored leaves and lush shape. Water: weekly and do not allow the plant to compleately dry out. Arrowhead plants with leafy dark colors thrive in a room with little light while those with light-colored pink, white or yellow leaves do well in a room with bright indirect light. Quick View. Syngonium wendlandii green velvet 950 SEK. Getting such stable humidity outdoors is not easy. Mature plants need frequent watering, Houseplant fertilizer application in the early spring. The plant presented in the photo IS the exact plant you will receive All orders will be shipped on Monday & Wednesday of each week to avoid any possible shipping delays. Infected tissue falls away giving the leaf a tattered appearance. Keep in mind that some houseplant varieties can survive in extremely low light. Most importantly, they’re fully established plants that are healthy and stable so you can grow and enjoy their beauty with peace of mind. This is a beautiful and unusual arrow head plant. Leaf Spot Disease. My name’s Arifur Rahman and I am an Agriculturist. Easy care and adjusts well to various growing conditions, however it's best to provide good light to encourage the variegation stay vibrant. Arrowhead vine does well in medium acidic soil with a pH range between 5.5 and 6.5. The plant can be grown in a container or pot and placed under the shade or indoor setting. Add to basket. One of my favorite features is that Arrowhead vines are fast-growing indoor plant species. Always place the plant away from the window. Temperature ranger enhances faster growth. Soil drying out will make the leaves droop and even start to turn brown. Here I will be sharing the best helpful resources to grow houseplants, flowers, and vegetables within your sweet home. Sizes vary so you may receive a smaller or a bigger plant than is shown. The most exciting thing is that you can easily spot arrowhead plants that receive low light. It is advisable to use well-drained soil and poke holes around the container. Pink Syngonium flourishes under bright indirect light and well-drained soil that is moist. That’s not all. Syngonium Soil Requirements. Syngonium pink splash/red spot 700 SEK. $200.00 + shipping . Each and every plant is photographed separately. Also, do not place the arrowhead plant near a hot radiator in winter. - Please review our shop policy- Plant pictured is similar to the plant that you will receive*Plant will vary slightly from photo based on stock- Plant is in a 4" pot - Nearly 8" tall including the pot size- Plants are shipped Mon and Tue, in the original plastic pot, rooted- Though these plants are grown in our greenh Expert growers recommend not to apply fertilizer in winter and fall. Besides that, exposing the plant to direct light causes scorching, and this is the reason behind brown foliage. Syngonium 'Pink spot' beautifully pink-spotted, variegated Syngonium. Growing the houseplant without following the humidity needs will be a difficult task. Tap water contains chemicals that might ruin the well-being of your houseplant. Bright light and high humidity will be beneficial to Syngonium plant. In Stock. Description These are still quite young, but it's a beautiful thing to watch them grow. Syngonium 'Regina Red' Out of stock. It is the period when the growth of the plant is dormant. The soil condition results in the development of root rot that makes the leaves turn black and later dies. Zz plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is popular not only for its simple and minimalist beauty but also for its undemanding care and maintenance requirements. Light: shade, if growing as a house plant, place it in a bright window. When stems are infected, lower leaves wilt and die. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. De plant heeft mooi roze blad met een roze stippen patroon, deze plant heeft ook groen in het blad. Beautiful dark green leaves with pink speckles. I'm the owner of FOR SALE! Grow in bright light for vibrantly-colored leaves. Syngonium podophyllum ‘Strawberry Cream’—The leaves on this arrowhead variety are almost entirely pink, with only hints of green. Remove the soil around the roots and untangle where necessary. Arrowhead plants have poisonous properties. Besides that, the disease can begin or start when the plant is grown in soggy soil. The houseplant growth will slow down and the vibrant colors begin to disappear from the leaves. Great potential! The vines start to struggle with scarce foliage. Also thrive under high humidity, a temperature range of 60-85oF (15-30oC), and apply slow-release fertilizer every early spring. Beautiful dark green leaves with pink speckles. Growing the arrowhead plants indoors is quite simple. Pink Syngonium thrives in medium to bright indirect light. The stunning outlook happens to be the reason behind much love. Therefore, take the time to snip off the new stem growth around the nodes regularly. Rare Pink Spot. The steps listed in the guide are proven to be quite effective. Quick View. Arrowhead plants need ideal room temperature to experience excellent growth and produce vibrant colors. Experienced growers recommend watering the plant as per the schedule and keep the plant under indirect sunlight. © 2020 foliage factory. Apply the fertilizer to the plant after every two weeks and this should happen after watering. Arrowhead vines whose leaves are turning green is an indicator of feeding too much. * The quantity of plants pictured is to show variety. This is a beautiful and unusual arrow head plant. If you notice any sign of pest infestations, this could be an indicator of something more serious. Pro Tip - Although there are lots of newer varieties … Bring onboard a small pot and mist the plant. Pink Syngonium is easy to care for. Only 1 available and it's in 1 person's cart. Remember to place the pot in a region with medium to bright indirect light. Solution. - Please review our shop policy- Plant pictured is similar to the plant that you will receive*Plant will vary slightly from photo based on stock- Plant is in a 6" pot - Nearly 12" tall including the pot size- Plants are shipped Easy to grow! Read this article to know about all the possible causes of curling and solutions. Create a water fountain over the arrowhead plant, and this will help to hydrate the leaves. Keep in mind that water-based fertilizer is the best option. Many growers recommend putting the plant either on an east-facing or north-facing windowsill. Don’t give up. Check the roots, stems and leaves for any transport damage, remove if necessary. Easy care and adjusts well to various growing conditions, however it's best to provide good light to encourage the variegation stay vibrant. Quick View. The trick helps to create a more humid ideal for growing the houseplant species. Also, the peat moss provides essential nutrients, minerals, and retains moisture. The first variety has dusty pink leaves and the other variety has green leaves blended with creamy-white variegation. Some of the main indoor plant pests are spider mites and mealybugs. The possible cause of leaves becoming curl is due to pests and subjecting the plant to potential stress. Ensure the soil is well-drained and rich in vital nutrients. Syngonium will grow best when planted in a well draining, fertile soil. The indoor plant is also known as the Arrowhead plant, Arrowhead vine, or Goosefoot plant. Perfectly packed indoor plants, gifts, and accessories delivering happiness straight to your door. They love it after transport. DON’T OVERWATER the plant. Soil: well draining house plant soil. Description Reviews (0) Description. Dracaena is one of the most favorite foliage plants both for indoor and outdoor settings. The plant usually thrives under indoor settings to add an aesthetic look. All Rights Reserved. The safety of the pet and kids is quite important. The level of toxicity becomes worse after ingestion. Opens image gallery. Syngonium 'Pink spot' beautifully pink-spotted, variegated Syngonium. Syngonium 'Roxanne' Out of stock. The plant shown here is only a representative of the plants we are offering. Even more attractive is the fact that this easy-care plant will thrive in just about any spot within your home. The last version has multicolored leaves marked with shades of green and pink. The houseplant can also be grown by the beginners due to the ease of maintenance.